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10 yrs post-op & still maintaining

10 yrs post-op & still maintaining

Dan & Melissa 8 mo.  post-op 300 lbs lost

Dan & Melissa
8 mo. post-op
300 lbs lost

Tears of sadness, turned to tears of happiness.  Laughter behind our backs, turned to laughing with each other and enjoying life.  Pains and aches from overtaxed bodies turned to healthy bodies able to exercise and run and play. The emotional roller coaster from living the morbidly obese life.  You know the life, or lack of, where you’re either invisible or looked upon with disgust merely due to your size.  It ALL changes after this surgery and it has all been for the better for the two of us. Dan & I both had laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, same day in 2003, and lost a combined 300 lbs. After that surgery, our life began changing drastically, for the better,  from the very first day.  We did however discover there is a huge void when it comes to support and/or information.  What most need is a little straight shooting and a lot of understanding and caring and just knowing others share in their journey. That’s what we’re here for.  Sharing, caring, supporting and even fussing at times when we see people pushing the envelope too much.  We can’t help ourselves but feel compelled to talk with anyone and everyone that will listen regarding the miraculous changes in our lives due to having a great surgeon and a great procedure available to us. We’re here to constantly learn and grow and maximize this great tool.  Come share in our journey and maybe it will in some small way help with your own journey as well.  Feel free to e-mail us or join us for online chats too.  The support family we have is worldwide and all are welcome to join in.  We look forward to getting to know you too!

Update !

The two pictures you see here span over 10 years. The one in the pants was taken 8 months after our weight loss surgery and now, the more recent you can see an even after-after to see how these years have gone after weight loss surgery. Have there been any bumps in the road? Sure there have! It’s life and we’re all human and there are things out of everyone’s control (medications for example) that can throw a wrench in your success temporarily. But does it stop you or take away the great tool you have in place? No way! It just means you have to make some adjustments or if it’s medications, maybe it’s sitting down and talking with your doctor to find an alternative. I’ll talk more on this. Just know the real key is that this tool, surgery WORKS, and you can indeed have long term success if you use that tool to it’s fullest. If you get frustrated, stop and seek out someone, me or someone else and get help finding answers and solutions that work for you. This doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating but what it should be is a path to long term weight loss success maintenance. The choice is all yours.

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